Dumpster Finds!

I went out pedaling the alleys of B-town yesterday morning and this is what I found!

This cool little stash box!

An assortment of jewelery!

Including this little bracelet...

...and this sweet glass and hemp piece.

I also found this great stash sak!

No stash in it though.

Unless you count this little wooden hitter as a stash.

There were some bar tools that I figured could be re-purposed as craft tools.

Speaking of crafts, I also found an assortment of stickers, markers, binders, and other art supplies.

There was this XL red hoodie!

I found this Polo cap that should go well with the Hoodie,
and this first aid kit!

There was also this purple scarf, an unopened box of candy and some nerd glasses!

Then there was this painting which I will repaint over, and this interesting looking wall paper
that I will use in some art project or another.

Then there was this nifty little collapsible drinking cup!

This beautiful big scarf!

This small glass piece. 

Then I came across these vintage Gucci Sunglasses!

These little babies are listed from $139.00 - $250.00 online.

Not a bad haul for just pedaling through the alleys for an hour or so!