This Dumpster season is officially closed.

Dirty blue dumpster
Dirty blue dumpster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As the students roll back in for the 2014-2015 tour of duty, and the last of the Summer students head off into the mysterious futures of their lives, the alley ways and dumpsters here in B-town yield the last of this years crop consisting of discarded items from these young people's lives. Everything from electronics to household cleaning supplies can be plucked from the depths of the dumpsters here in B-town (Bloomington, IN.). This is fortunate for my GF and myself considering I just recently signed the lease on a little flat on 4th street and survive on a budget that is miles below the poverty line. Here are just a few of the things worth mentioning that I brought up during this seasons dives into the bowels of this city's dumpsters.

This booming little speaker. It has Bluetooth capabilities that make it a wireless. It is perfectly functional and surprisingly loud! They list for $50ish online. The GF loves it!
This awesome little makeup box that I am going to re-purpose as my art/paint box.
Oh and some batteries,razors and other assorted crap including makeup that might come in handy this Halloween.

Some Whal sheers for DIY haircuts.

A hideous cross stitched deer, some DVDs of movies that I have already seen and some music that I have never heard.

Some classic Nintendo64 game cartridges including Paper Mario!

This cute little step stool...

...that folds up and tucks away which is great because my flat is tiny!

Brand new Felt handlebars!


This little white plastic end table.

Even our dishes where from the trash!

But this might be this year's strangest dumpster score of all.

A "Bat Papi" postcard created by Mr. Brainwash!
Thank you oh Dumpster Gods for your generous bounty, I look forward to next spring when once again the students fill the trash up with treasures.